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We offer the best coffee in the Los Angeles area. Our coffee goes through many quality assurance steps from start to finish to ensure you’re getting the best cup possible.


sourced, roasted, & brewed by our team

We source, roast, and brew our coffee to ensure we’re meeting your quality standards.

Our house blends are known for their balance and sweetness; resulting in approachable, delicious coffees. We’ve carefully selected the components for each blend and fine tuned their roast profiles. We also roast a curated selection of single origins to highlight our favorite small batch coffees each season.


Cafe & Bakery

Pastries & Deserts

Not only do we brew some awesome coffee. We also create many pastries and deserts that you’re able to purchase in store. Soon we will be adding the ability to purchase our coffee and sweets online to be delivered to your door! (In Los Angeles only)

Largest selections of whole bean coffee from around the world, roasting over 35 kinds of coffee, including single origins, specialty blends, decafs, and Fairtrade-certified varieties.


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Have you tried our new Christmas latte?

The whole bean and nothing but!

We offer the best coffee in the city! Malibu, West Hollywood, Venice, Downtown Los Angeles.

Never Underestimate the Importance of Being Properly Caffeinated.

- Old Proverb

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Free Coffee / Tea

Stop by with a friend today and get a free coffee or tea with the purchase of any regular size coffee or tea from our menu.

*Offer good until close! (11pm)